Banana Trees Down. Mayday, mayday!

Heavy rain this afternoon. I mean like, heavy. It tear down my banana trees. And these ones were very huge! *pfiuh - BRAKK!! Seketika 2 pohon itu jatuh tak berdaya - Oh, ternyata selain hujan dan angin, ini dia penyebabnya. Mari kita potong - PFIUHH!! Beratnya pisang-pisang ini. Masih muda tapinya, diapakan ya??

Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)

I don't really think about celebrating birthday because it matters the least for me. I'm more like, blessing the fact that i still be given one more year to live and God still loves me. I still have my family, health, my job and my best friends. I once ever imagine having a celebration but... Continue Reading →

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