#2 Tick tock

I bleed fantasies, drunken by pixie dust. Ground hasn't been touched for decades, clock's ticking calling an early start | This is it

#1 Fine

Missing knot has been found, sharp scissors lies in hand. Forget them not is a question in mind, just be it, everything will be fine.

ACT Charity Exhibition

I just came back from Kopi Keliling's latest event this Saturday named ACT Charity Exhibition in 1/15 Coffee Gandaria. It was awesome! I got to see 100 amazing artists and i couldn't stop wow-ing until now. Kueh Senyum. What is it? Curious? Me and my artwork 🙂 I called it: "Bigger than the universe. Look closer"... Continue Reading →

Silent Boy

I love it when you play silent and there are no one else alone. Because your silence is my imagination Your silence is mine.

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