Genki Sushi 私はそれを愛する!

So, on wednesday last week i visited Plasa Senayan after a loong time break – for a night study group in a building next to it. At 8.30 pm me and my friend were hungry (well, just me basically) and all i knew was that i wanted a salmon!

Being a home girl, i know nothing about any hype and new things in town-therefore i let my friend decide.
I found Genki Sushi. And i love it!! Here how it goes:
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 12.35.18 AM
Choose your desired dishes with an iPad
A train comes, your food on it! Take it and press the button provided to prevent ‘traffic jam’
Pour in green tea powder and fill in yourself with hot water in your table. Self service!
Idun loves it!
Happy tummy, happy faces!!! Btw i like the miso soup with mushroom 🙂
Try it yourself and let me know your opinion!

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