Genki Sushi 私はそれを愛する!

So, on Wednesday last week, I visited Plaza Senayan after a loong time break – for a night study group in a building next to it. At 8.30 pm I and my friend were hungry (well, just me basically) and all I knew was that I wanted a salmon!

Being a homegirl, I know nothing about any hype and new things in town-therefore I let my friend decide.

I found Genki Sushi. And I love it!!

  • Choose your desired dishes with an iPad
  • A train comes, your food on it! Take it and press the botton provided to prevent ‘traffic jam’
  • Pour in green tea powder and fill in yourself with hot water in your table. Self service!
  • Happy tummy, happy faces!!! Btw I like the miso soup with mushroom 🙂

Try it yourself and let me know your opinion!


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