Cover Song: Pillow Talk • Zayn Malik

Yeah, reckless behavior.

Muki & Muli Pre Wedding Photography

I remember this. I remember this very clearly because my house became the photoshoot setting for 2 of my university's friends Ida Mustazir and Lukman Auliadi whom i still forgot that they were in a relationship. Like, married together. Idun (left) a.k.a Muli (Gembul) & Lukman (right) a.k.a Muki (Gemuk). They named that themselves BTW. --picture... Continue Reading →

A Warm 6 Degree in NYC

I agree on NYC. For whatever it offers me.  My NYC visit was not without an agenda. It was for my office's worldwide marketing retreat where we gathered marketing people from different countries where the offices are located. From alignment on vision and mission to exchange best practices, the experience was rejuvenating. You thought your issue... Continue Reading →

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