Creating playgrounds where no children can enter. Only grownups (elderly is also welcome). And it has to be colorful!

With all those basic fun tools: seesaw, slide, sandbox, spring riders, everything. Durable, eco-friendly material and lots of colors variety.

The goal is very simple: to play and relax. Feel like a child again is an important thing to have for grownups. It helps your brain and soul to rejuvenate and be stress-free (especially if you’re occupied with day-to-day heavy activities). Besides, it makes your body get active again (bonus point!).

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 9.20.28 PM

Hmm.. maybe this succulent-inspired colors for a calm but playful mind? 🙂

Check also these cool playgrounds in this link. All are awesome! Adults want it too! *insert: silent enthusiastic scream

Now the next homework is: how to hide this place from children? Hmm..

When was the last time you have fun like a kid?

With love, El.

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