Bawang Merah Bawang Putih

Recently I just found and dig my old works. Either those that were published, or not; I am happy to see all the process that I got myself involved with. This one is an illustration for a children storytelling apps initiated by Crea Mago, from developing the ambiance, apps features, to creating the illustrative background.... Continue Reading →

Muki & Muli Pre Wedding Photography

I remember this. I remember this very clearly because my house became the photoshoot setting for 2 of my university's friends Ida Mustazir and Lukman Auliadi whom i still forgot that they were in a relationship. Like, married together. Idun (left) a.k.a Muli (Gembul) & Lukman (right) a.k.a Muki (Gemuk). They named that themselves BTW. --picture... Continue Reading →

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