Ribbon Data

When no more floppy disk allowed in any computer nowadays,  they’re always welcome in fashion!  + macrame string combined with 8 inch floppy disk and a semi-masculine Grandpa’s tie +


Let’s say you have wasted cd’s and they scattered on the corner of your room. Let’s put a colorful effort out of it! And a place to hang it on, which happen to be, your fabulous neck! +used cd wrapped with colorful collages and clear tape, stick it on a black presentation board+

Tartan Goodbye

“Ah! There you go!”, said i one day. A nice coloured rectangular shaped fabric was found! “Guess this is a perfect time for, fluffy stuff! +cropped shaped fabric filled with dacron, sew the edge and give a little of creative effortless touch (ehem, refering to pin and remaining fabric)+