• Afie’s New Chapter

    Illustration for colleague’s wedding 🙂

  • Precious Pleated Pandegue v.01

    Precious Pleated Pandegue v.01

    At first i was going to use these design as a competition’s entry but, due to my let’s-do-it-later attitude, i think i kinda missed the deadline 😐 Oh well, so here’re 2 of my design (out of other sketches and b/w designs, haven’t got the time to colored it yet theehee)

  • Converting Converse into Yayness!

    Converting Converse into Yayness!

    Hola! I was just attending Scream Art Loud and it was fun! The art environment is good and i got an opportunity to draw on a converse! Yay!

  • Moby. And some others.

    Once I had a dream of being excel at realist drawing, especially facial figure. But what is a dream if you don’t do anything about it. So I tried for the first time, I was making sure I focused on it. And voila, I present you Moby. Then In tried for the second and third…

  • Pure 17

    Pure 17

    Having fun doing illustration for Seventeen Magazine’s new section called “Pure 17”