Muki & Muli Pre Wedding Photography

I remember this. I remember this very clearly because my house became the photoshoot setting for 2 of my university's friends Ida Mustazir and Lukman Auliadi whom i still forgot that they were in a relationship. Like, married together. Idun (left) a.k.a Muli (Gembul) & Lukman (right) a.k.a Muki (Gemuk). They named that themselves BTW. --picture... Continue Reading →

My First Garage Sale

Seumur-umur, saya nggak pernah berfikir untuk ikutan garage sale. Saya lebih senang membeli, paling senang lagi sih ke tempat-tempat yang lumayan murah dan second seperti Pasar Jumat Salman di depan kampus Ganesha Bandung, atau di Gedebage (yang kini tidak murah lagi). Saya lebih senang membeli, meskipun tahu sebenarnya uangnya juga nggak ada-ada banget. Sabtu kemarin,... Continue Reading →

Precious Pleated Pandegue v.01

At first i was going to use these design as a competition's entry but, due to my let's-do-it-later attitude, i think i kinda missed the deadline 😐 Oh well, so here're 2 of my design (out of other sketches and b/w designs, haven't got the time to colored it yet theehee)   Okay, due to... Continue Reading →

A Crowded Vest-ival

Okay so, i think i'm gonna thank my Grandma and Mama for their remarkable sense of fashion. Believe it or not, i rarely buy any clothes. I have been inherit by thousands of fantastic treasures! Like this one for example: Flowery vest. It said, 'Cosy creation' on the label (i have no clue what that... Continue Reading →

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