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  • Precious Pleated Pandegue v.01

    Precious Pleated Pandegue v.01

    At first i was going to use these design as a competition’s entry but, due to my let’s-do-it-later attitude, i think i kinda missed the deadline 😐 Oh well, so here’re 2 of my design (out of other sketches and b/w designs, haven’t got the time to colored it yet theehee)

  • Flatty Flowery Shoes

    Flatty Flowery Shoes

    This flat shoes has successfully grab my attention on my first sight. The motives are just, awesome!

  • A Crowded Vest-ival

    A Crowded Vest-ival

    Okay so, i think i’m gonna thank my Grandma and Mama for their remarkable sense of fashion. Believe it or not, i rarely buy any clothes. I have been inherit by thousands of fantastic treasures! Like this one for example: