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  • Massage Stick

    Massage Stick

    Scratching my back is a tricky process. Asking mom to scratch it might not be a good idea (well, unless she wants to). And even if I do like Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book but I prefer not to do the  Bare Necessities scratching scene. But that won’t be any more problem until I…

  • 1100m2 – Long Way Home

    1100m2 – Long Way Home

    The biggest gift, is imagination. At least that’s what’s been keeping me sober everyday. I was born under French name. Mercredi, my middle name. Didn’t know whether my dad wanted me to call him Père someday or accidentally misheard ‘mercy kredit’ as Mercredi. But i always assume that someday, i will loose my flip flop…

  • A Giant Leap • The Year of Fierce

    A Giant Leap • The Year of Fierce

    Okay i’m opening this post by giving you few big leaps that (i think) has changed few things in my life.

  • The thing is: To let it go to have some more

    The thing is: To let it go to have some more

    I have been spending my time writing unspoken feelings about how i wanted a man so badly it hurts a lot.

  • Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)

    Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)

    I don’t really think about celebrating birthday because it matters the least for me. I’m more like, blessing the fact that i still be given one more year to live and God still loves me. I still have my family, health, my job and my best friends. I once ever imagine having a celebration but…

  • I’m feeling kinda romantic

    I’m feeling kinda romantic

    when i think of you. when i imagine your jaw bone. when i sneak behind the pillar, when you are there. when i see you smiling through the glass that i hold, when you laugh even more wider. when you walk through narrow side, when you rotate that shoulder. when you were exist, when the…

  • Kek, Menyerahlah!

    Kek, Menyerahlah!

    Tiap hari kakek pakai celana pendek yang bagi saya seperti hotpants perempuan muda. Mungkin di era 70an, celana tenis itu cocok diterapkan, tapi gelambir dan kerutan di paha kakek itu lho, saya nggak nahan! “Biar hemat AC, kan jadi banyak angin”, kata Kakek.