1100m2 – Long Way Home

The biggest gift, is imagination. At least that’s what’s been keeping me sober everyday. I was born under French name. Mercredi, my middle name. Didn’t know whether my dad wanted me to call him Père someday or accidentally misheard ‘mercy kredit’ as Mercredi. But i always assume that someday, i will loose my flip flopContinue reading “1100m2 – Long Way Home”

Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)

I don’t really think about celebrating birthday because it matters the least for me. I’m more like, blessing the fact that i still be given one more year to live and God still loves me. I still have my family, health, my job and my best friends. I once ever imagine having a celebration butContinue reading “Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)”

I’m feeling kinda romantic

when i think of you. when i imagine your jaw bone. when i sneak behind the pillar, when you are there. when i see you smiling through the glass that i hold, when you laugh even more wider. when you walk through narrow side, when you rotate that shoulder. when you were exist, when theContinue reading “I’m feeling kinda romantic”