These are some copywriting works I did back then when I was in Virtual Consulting (2008-2011). Richeese is a local brand that produces food rich in cheese. I did the website content and landing page.

Richeese Website, 2010
Work scope: all copywriting content in website
Richeese – Facebook program, 2010
Work scope: all copywriting content in landing page

Tips: Sadly speaking, didn’t manage to screenshot all the pages nor saving the design! Lessons learned: always, I mean always, save your work portfolio!

hebel & prime mortar

Hebel is the name of a light brick trademark which first appeared in Indonesia. Light brick is a fairly new building material innovation for making walls. Lightweight brick can actually be categorized as lightweight concrete. Prime Mortar itself is a brand of cement.

I created copywriting and website content for their landing page and both of their websites. Sadly now the websites have no longer exist but the landing page is still.