elllElfitra is dreaming in colorful HD display in her head. So powerful, she can control her dream. She get stressed out over simple math and still counting with her fingers.

Elfitra loves to sing in the bathroom, doing voice over, and karaoke alone. When she gets excited, she shows no facial expression. She’s born with it. Deep inside she’s actually expressive but somehow it never appear. She finds it hard.

Elfitra is a clown and a sponge. She hates clown actually but she realize her daily role is to be a mediator, messenger, and a sponge under all situations. She absorbs environment and she (thinks she can) makes people laugh (somehow it works).

Elfitra loves to doodle. She has no certain style because she itself is vague. Sometimes lazy-style drawing, sometimes very effort drawing, sometimes no drawing at all. It depends.

Alicemodjo is her alter ego (if there’s any). She thinks it’s cool to have that persona. She likes it anyway.

Elfitra loves tea (cups or a bowl-sized glass) and can only handle cappuccino (if she has to drink coffee). A fan of mineral water and noodle, Elfitra tries (very hard) not to eat noodle too often.

With love,




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