Bawang Merah Bawang Putih

Recently I just found and dig my old works. Either those that were published, or not; I am happy to …

College Tips

I could relate with this one when I made these. I was a college student and made an adaptation illustration …


This is Arces The Flamboyant. He was born from a Pisces mother and Aries father.


And here i am. A form of combination. An odd to your thought.


Had it on the whiteboard from previous office back in 2008(ish), with bad photograph… Looking more edgy and pop now!

I Left My Heart in Tokyo.

And say goodbye to some of my money too……………………… My exposure over Japanese culture started around 25 years ago. I …


I reach more than 3/4 kwintal and i feel (wait, i am!) fat fat. To celebrate that achievement, i decided …

Happy Mother’s Day

Mom’s definitely a hippo. I wanted to go with a swan but she denied the ugly fact and gave me …

Creepy? Clap along.

Perception. All is about perception. Creepy for you doesn’t mean creepy for others.

Mind Digger

It’s just a screen but it’s a happy machine. Because when i dig deeper my mind feels super. I am …

Vice Versa

Take a chance, i’ll understand. Because we’re the same, i can feel your brain.

Best Buddies

That is crazy, you said. Can you find something human? It isn’t something, said I. It is someone.

After You: Animal B-ing

I am doing this series of drawing under the theme “After You”. It shows how much i enjoy finishing what …

Slow Romance

It took years for the flower to grow, and strength to carry it slow. It takes time to create a …