A lovely 45 days with US Soldier

I've been plunging in an online dating websites & apps for years. You name it. Zoosk, Match.com, OkCupid, Tinder, Hater, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, Badoo, Bumble. Tried them all and cut down into up to top 3 (or 5 sometimes) most effective ones. Basically the goal is to meet guys and see where it leads... Continue Reading →

I Left My Heart in Tokyo.

And say goodbye to some of my money too........................... My exposure over Japanese culture started around 25 years ago. I guess. Well maybe 23 years ago. My first, ever comic: Doraemon. Ever since, he has been living in my blood and soul. Doraemon, Indonesian edition, very cheap around IDR 2,000.- per comic. Maybe now it's... Continue Reading →

Playdate with Mom

"I'll stay there with whatever reason", said i one day when this hotel showed 70% of its outer look.  I always wanted to visit Artotel. I was curious since 2013. I wanted to stay there with a reason more than "because i want to". Well, it happens this week! I made a random reservation out of... Continue Reading →

A Warm 6 Degree in NYC

I agree on NYC. For whatever it offers me.  My NYC visit was not without an agenda. It was for my office's worldwide marketing retreat where we gathered marketing people from different countries where the offices are located. From alignment on vision and mission to exchange best practices, the experience was rejuvenating. You thought your issue... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Safety – When in Netherlands

Semua sama di jalanan. Itulah kesan pertama yang saya dapatkan ketika menapakkan kaki pertama kalinya di Belanda beberapa hari lalu. Kesempatan itu akhirnya datang juga!, jerit saya dalam hati. Negara Oranye (salah satu warna kesukaan saya karena memancarkan suasana ceria dan terbuka) – menyambut saya dengan dasyatnya. Musim semi menuju musim panas yang dalam bayangan... Continue Reading →

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