• Best Buddies

    Best Buddies

    It is, indeed, someone.

  • Un/Forgettable


    That’s what you are.

  • Slow Romance

    Slow Romance

    It takes time to create a perfect scenario, and courage to say hello.

  • Numb

    A spark of love turns you blind, erasing all the sound.

  • #7 Never will never were

    “So, it’s like you’re wishing for something you never have?”,ask her one day. I nod, tasting my own saliva then ran in to the wild.

  • Mereka, Mengada

    Mereka, Mengada

    Tak pernah sekalipun bersua atau bertatap mata, beradu suara. Tapi mengapa rasanya kok senang saja, saat ku berusaha mereka, mengada.

  • 1100m2 – Long Way Home

    1100m2 – Long Way Home

    The biggest gift, is imagination. At least that’s what’s been keeping me sober everyday. I was born under French name. Mercredi, my middle name. Didn’t know whether my dad wanted me to call him Père someday or accidentally misheard ‘mercy kredit’ as Mercredi. But i always assume that someday, i will loose my flip flop…

  • #2 Tick tock

    I bleed fantasies, drunken by pixie dust. Ground hasn’t been touched for decades, clock’s ticking calling an early start |   This is it