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You will never know why I like my mr.sesame
You will never know why his name is mr.sesame
You will never know what mr.sesame looks like
Because he himself doesn’t know his name

I like my mr.sesame
I like the first time we met about three months ago
I like his hidden expressions, the way he brilliantly hold himself
I like what he said, his mind, and his thought about life, about the world, about everything!
Oh my dear mr.sesame
Unfortunately time stopped me
Stopped me from seeing mr.sesame
Stopped me from having the unexpected daily feeling
Stopped me from my mr.sesame
Though I know the word ‘goodbye’ isn’t everything
Yet I ‘d prefer to ‘see you again’
By any way
In anytime
In some place only God know
I like my mr.sesame
Is it okay to like you, mr.sesame?
Even I know, that you, don’t know that, you are:
my mr.sesame . . .

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