Surprise, sure price! Happy Me Day! :)

I don’t really think about celebrating birthday because it matters the least for me. I’m more like, blessing the fact that i still be given one more year to live and God still loves me. I still have my family, health, my job and my best friends.

I once ever imagine having a celebration but seeing the awful fact back in high school where the so called friends came into my class to ask for free goodies i brought then asked ‘Aww i want that too! Who’s having a birthday? Elfitra? Which one is Elfitra?’ made me think that having a few numbers of friends is enough. Friends who really know you instead of just knowing you. Friends that i would never doubt any of their honesty. That’s why i bury deep my wish for birthday.

Oh, my favorite present is, pray. Because it worth way much than goods. Imagine having someone wish me for a good life, health, and luck for the rest of my life? Priceless. (even tho i couldn’t refuse if they give me a pair of new shoes and tank top, maybe 😀 )

But somehow for the past two years i felt very happy. My friends at the office made a surprise for me and it matters a lot for me. I’d like to cry because the effort they made, even tho they didn’t hire any local band (oh puhlease…!!) but i knew they did that sincerely. And i was very blessed for that.

This is last year (2009) :

And this is this year :

more flour… 

Brotherly love birthday card.

it said that:

‘Hope you can be a better person than before’ :’)

Love you all guys 😀


Love you all guys 😀

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