1100m2 – Long Way Home

The biggest gift, is imagination.

At least that’s what’s been keeping me sober everyday.

jemuranI was born under French name. Mercredi, my middle name. Didn’t know whether my dad wanted me to call him Père someday or accidentally misheard ‘mercy kredit’ as Mercredi. But i always assume that someday, i will loose my flip flop on a belle parc, in Paris.

I’ve been living in a multicultural house interior. My grandparents were lucky enough to go abroad and brought tons of souvenirs. It’s 70’s style vintage house. Awesome bricks. The kind of brick that is difficult enough to find nowadays. A disorganized type of house, surrounding by Dutch plus British colonial mixed with Indian stuffs so my eyes were pretty much accustomed with those colorful cultures. And sadly, i have spend my whole 27 year of life, in Jakarta.

With all do respect to my mother land, i have to admit that my relationship with the statue of Pancoran is like love and hate connection. It’s complicated. I can not barely remember the last time i heard about any good news about Indonesia. Was it like, 15 years ago when Backstreet Boys was my other God? Tired of spending the awkwardness of the street, the unpromising future of Jakarta, and everyday when i look at the mirror, i didn’t recognize myself. Who am i really? Where should i go to find it?

I am lost. I loose faith.

Internet has given me the access to the world. I know a tiny miney bit about many cultures. Knowing how much i have all the vintage foreign stuffs has put me to a higher position than those who doesn’t. Not on the knowledge and experience part, of course. And my 6-week-meeting limited French language skill has open a door of hope. 4% chance to perfection.

I am ready to give a present to my imagination. A reality, it is!

As Paulo Coelho once said that if you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself. Maybe because the reason for my lost and my loose of faith is i’ve been spending the whole time drowning into my imagination by lying that i am actually, lost. I’m to comfortable with this house. I’m to proud of these multicultural environment which is isn’t mine. I’m to busy travelling with my mind, not knowing that my feet were to high from the ground.

The key, actually isn’t leaving the comfort zone but how to create another challenging zone that can improve the current situation.

I have 1100 reasons why, 1100 ways how in this 1100 m2 sanctuary of mine.


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