Animal B-ing

I am doing this series of drawing under the theme “After You” (or #AMJafterYou on Instagram) It shows how much I enjoy finishing what other people have started instead of my own initiative. Psychologically ironic. I had to pour this idea and meaning into the form of drawing.

Seeing things from different angles 

can be learned in many ways. One of my favourite activities to sharpen this ability is by drawing.

So, I had a medium-sized canvas and I asked a friend to create a random sketch on it. Very random. Random is like blinking. You don’t think, it just happen. So this is the result:


Then I added some rounded spots. What do you see? Can you see a lion, pelican, snake and a dog?


I’m really into detail and small things and repeatable things. I love patterns and motives! So this is what I did. And also I’m a bit awful at colour combination, so I only use black marker.


Everyone will face what we call a creative block. It happens everyyytimmme!

In this case, I had no idea what other pattern to put. Mmm…let’s see… OH! How about buildings and trees and mountains? (Can you find it?). And other tips: Everything is good as the soundtrack we choose. One song that came to my head was Frank Sinatra’s “You’re nobody till somebody loves you”. Can you try to see and assemble the lyrics?


Finished! Here you go!


And this is the beardy man Bruno who did the first random sketch! Bisous!


And here’s a bonus song for you:

See you again in the next “After You” series!


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