The Cost for a NO

There is this tradition when saying no is a harsh thing to do and many people tend to just let it be, hoping that the condition or whatever the situation is will get better (or can I say, we will get used to it?)


What is the cost for a No? It Depends.

A cost for a yes? Depends too.

I am talking about agreeing to a situation in order to avoid conflict. Because you don’t want to feel bad. My personal experience is it cost a lot.

First, you need to accept an unwanted situation. Second, you need to learn to get used to it. Third, you need to be ready when that disappointment feeling come (that I-should’ve moment). Fourth, you must prepare for the fact that someday, you will feel very very sorry and you kept thinking that you should’ve said no from the beginning.

It is human, to say no. To have an opinion and to take responsibility for saying yes. Responsibility means taking all the risk (and fun, if any) to yourself and not sharing it with people (who, perhaps have already been hesitant to what you’re agreeing with).

So, have you thought about listening to yourself? What would be the worst possible thing that could happen?

An advice once came to me when i was in this dilemma, “Saying yes, meaning saying no to yourself”.

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