Easy, never satisfy

Recently, I heard this statement and it gave me a blank moment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.00.58 AM

My favourite activity is to be alone. Because nothing gets in my way and I can do whatever I want and whenever I desire. Maybe that’s why I prefer things to go fast and in order to make it happen (then I can move to another thing), I’d prefer to do it all by myself. 

Along the way, I read some articles that mention satisfaction. What makes people satisfied? That they finally achieve their goal. And how to get there? A long, and winding road of the bumpy journey with all the ups and downs. How long does it take? Who knows. An hour. A month. A decade. As long as it takes your heart to really appreciate the term called ‘process’.

I am allergic to that term. Process. At least used to get allergic.

Then I recall back in my short-time contemplation: hey, maybe that’s why almost 90% of what I started never finish. Because I can’t stand doing it and I’m not patient enough with the process. It’s not that I love fast food (well, occasionally) but I also would prefer to skip the cooking and go straight to eating. Slapping myself: hey, even lion needs to hunt before they can eat!

Then this moment of pause. Like watching the movie Gravity when Sandra Bullock lost her grip and was drawn. Drawn deep to nowhere. Black.

Funny when you’re planning to have a holiday in order to contemplate and think about an important thing like: what do I want, where do I wanna go, etc — but in fact, you get out with bags of treats and none of your first intention. AHA moment usually never comes when you want it to come. It comes naturally. Like what I just experienced. Well, this blog post is the result.

Anyway, I remember my favourite statement “If you can have anything in the world, what else can make you happy?” – which turn out to suit me better. I can have anything I want (at least now, what I need is already fulfilled. Basic needs like food, clothes, bed, job). So then I track back: do I aim too low? Or maybe let’s twist the statement to be more positive: shall I aim higher? Wait. Am I too positive thinking or have I just avoided conflict? Yes and No.

Whatever the decision are, whatever you do defines your action. And there’s no wrong or right because you are you and what you do is yours. And people have the right to adapt and adjust their actions based on any circumstances. People are basically human.

Can I have anything I want? Of course, if I make an effort.

Shall we define: effort?

Shall I go together to go as far as I can be?

Who knows.



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