Endeavor Indonesia Impact Report 2012-2015

Our first Impact Report! We decided to make this not like any other IR but like a fun activity book. I contributed to the content production, writing, and art direction.

A note on this Impact Report:

We have made this book an activity-full, hands-on, impact report and we have turn some of the pages in it into a coloring & activity book. Why, you ask? Well, this may sound cheesy, but we feel presenting ourselves this way captures the spirit of Endeavor: playful & collaborative. We treat each of our network member (entrepreneurs, mentors alike) as a unique individual. Now you have the opportunity to personalize this book and make it your own unique book by adding your own touch to it.

If this kind of activities is not for you, that’s ok too! – then you can always pass them along to your kids, nieces/ nephews, or that little cute kid in your neighborhood. Who knows they might actually be inspired to be entrepreneurs when they grow up from it! And then of course it is all due to that little activities book you gave to them about high-impact entrepreneurs back in 2016. Here is to celebrating four years of Endeavor Indonesia. Enjoy!

Endeavor Indonesia Team

View the digital report HERE:

Artwork by Wanara Studio


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