Muki & Muli Pre Wedding

I remember this. I remember this very clearly because my house became the photoshoot setting for 2 of my university’s friends Ida Mustazir and Lukman Auliadi whom I still forgot that they were in a relationship. Like, married together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.38.18 PM

Idun (left) a.k.a Muli (Gembul) & Lukman (right) a.k.a Muki (Gemuk). They named that themselves BTW. –picture taken from Idun’s IG.

So we started with how the setting would look like. I created 6 different ambiances that represents their life & their lifestyle. (I like the first one where Muli grabs Muki’s “Lippy Bomb” and Muki plays with Muli’s jelly-o upper arm. Lol)

Followed by makeup tone & manner by the lovely Carryna Pratiwi.

And with the hand of talented eyes of Adi Prawira, here goes the result:


I still can’t believe I have all those crazy props.. (Well, I didn’t. My grandparents & mom have it). Now, where are all those? 😛


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