Playdate with Mom

“I’ll stay there for whatever reason”, said I one day when this hotel showed 70% of its outer look. 

I always wanted to visit Artotel. I was curious since 2013. I wanted to stay there for a reason more than “because I want to”.

Well, it happens this week! I made a random reservation out of the blue and asked my mom to stay there. Mom never imagines herself staying in this kind of hotel. By ‘this kind’ means that a monster-y, surreal illustration too much of colours here and there kind of hotel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.34.47 PM

Well, maybe if the hotel offers a non-stop Mahadewa’s series on tv, she would want to come. I don’t blame her, I like it too (but not that fanatic though).

It was a great decision. Having a moment together even though you’re just sitting in the same room, doing your own thing, not talking, is very priceless. We’re doing things that we adore the most: the comfortable silence.


From watching our favourite FOX series together (Castle, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, NCIS), fighting over who gets which side of the sofa, debating over why the Dolce Gusto machine won’t work (because we haven’t turned on the power button), talking about the future plan during dinner; this 3 days 2 nights has been superb.

Have fun as much as you can with the person you love 🙂


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