A lovely 45 days with US Soldier

I’ve been plunging in an online dating websites & apps for years. You name it. Zoosk, Match.com, OkCupid, Tinder, Hater, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, Badoo, Bumble. Tried them all and cut down into up to top 3 (or 5 sometimes) most effective ones.

Basically the goal is to meet guys and see where it leads to. I’m a sucker for actual mingling and a pro for online texting. Many stop at several texts, many sent unsolicited pics, some I met offline, some still keep in touch lightly, and only few become good friends.

I find it hard to believe love at first sight. I believe anything can happen, and from maintaining relationship (whatever that is) can leads into something. Whatever that is! (2). So I’m like, chill…. It’s a really fun activity for me.

Earlier this year 2018

was a tough year for me due to some personal issues and it really bothered me emotionally. I stumble upon a guy in Hater apps (where you match with someone and you share the same hate), and I like the attention given.

He’s an US Army who works in Afghanistan. I’d probably fell for his profile because my grandpa was in an army as well back in WWII and I love him (gramps) so much. Besides this guy also good looking for me and I don’t know, soldier is awesome (maybe also because I love watching war movies/ series like Band of Brothers for example…).

Long story short, we chat and I found his online presence very soothing. He told me things from the basecamp and what he’s doing, a hi from his general and soldier mates, etc. Vice versa, I shared with him some stories, my grandparent’s stories, what issues I’ve gone through and stuff (can’t tell you much and..I also forgot!) for a straight 45 days. 

Until one day he suddenly changes the topic to losing his wallet and asking for a money wire.

I immediately googled US Army love scam at that very second and found plenty of sources.  Asked him about the situation and like a person who’s been accused of doing unproper thing, he got angry. :))) So at one point, I told him that I can’t send him the money (knowing the fact that he’s a scammer, and also I don’t have and don’t want to send the money ofc) and we slowly ended up our chat for good.

Good for me and also good for him because he spent 45 days with no result.

Despite all the suspicious that I had from the beginning and the unusual sign that kept showing, I have no regret for spending 45 days talking to him. In fact, the conversation was really good during a heavy situation that I had explained earlier. Honestly, ‘his’ presence was one of the reasons I wanna wake up in the morning. So, that’s one good lesson learned that ended up good as well 🙂

Oh, he mentioned that he’s from Seville. That’s a typical scammer. Usually come from mixed backgrounds as a result of their broken English. And last April I went to Spain and purposedly visit Seville for a hidden mission (besides its beautiful place!) – see pictures here!

Shared with him that I visited his birth city:

“Hey, I’m in Seville. Your city is beautiful!”

By the way, how and where can I find this guy? I’m dying to meet him and tell him what has happened between me and his fake profile.

Here’s to more unique (love) experiences! 🙂


3 responses to “A lovely 45 days with US Soldier”

  1. So this guy sent you pictures of himself did he ever send you flowers or anything like that to make you feel special or anything? I am going thru the same thing did he send you his email or phone number? or did you look at his social media? this is a picture i got the same as you. Please respond


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