Scale the Circle

Scale the Circle, Endeavor Indonesia’s program aims to scale the circle of knowledge through a series of talks with different topics.

Done via Instagram Live @endeavor_indo and uploaded in Endeavor Indonesia’s YouTube Channel (if you’re into YouTube, that is!). Content and moderated by yours truly.

#ManagingThroughCrisis theme

  • Innovate to Win with Rex Marindo of
  • New Normal in Retail, F&B, and Event Industry with Anton Wirjono of The Goods Dept
  • Glow at Home: How Crisis Changing The World of Beauty with Hanifa Ambadar of Female Daily Network
  • B2B Lending Platform as Funding Option During Crisis with Adrian Gunadi of Investree
  • Thriving with AI in The Age of Today with Irzan Raditya of
  • Coming Back in New Normal with Fadly Sahab of ZAP Clinic
  • Gaming Industry Now: Level Up or Game Over with Arief Widhiyasa of Agate International
  • Secure Your Way to Sign with Marshall Pribadi of PrivyID
  • Feed the Fish, Feed the World with Gibran Huzaifah of eFishery

#GrowTogether theme

  • Community that Stays Together, Grow Together with Stefanie Kurniadi of
  • Creating a Rewarding Life Experience with Aryo Ariotedjo of Group
  • Celebrate Innovation Technology, Everyday with Rama Mamuaya of Daily Social
  • Get Inspired. Whenever, Wherever with Tyo Guritno of Inspigo
  • Stay Relevant with Continuous Learning with Jourdan Kamal of MauBelajarApa
  • Design The World with Social Impact with Stephanie Arifin of PLUS

Check out the whole sessions below:


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