A Giant Leap • The Year of Fierce

Okay i’m opening this post by giving you few big leaps that (i think) has changed few things in my life.

Okay numero uno is,  a hair cut!! Oh my God i wasn’t thinking that i’m going to have my head shaved (uhm not really-shaved, though). I was thinking about James Dean. A man whose so attractive without really trying so hard. Same thing happen with Morrisey! :”> Therefore i visit my friend Varziel (i was introduced to her by Babooshka) whose cats are soo gigantic and, you gotta see her house. It’s like where artist should stay and enjoy the rest of life surrounding with colors, papers, books, etc!! Kyaaa

Ehm, this was me. On the left was my abnormal uncontrolled hair. I had no clue what to do to them no more T_T *sob* – Middle: The position. You know that having your legs spread like that could give you more strength on the arse, hi3x – Right: One of the healthy-wealthy-gigantic-enormous cat i was talking about. More like a… puffy pillow!! :3 miauu

Hola hola aloha!! Loving my brand new hairstyle! :’D Thank you Varziel!!

Oh number two is, a new office!! Yeah. With an elevator! With a super strong air conditioner! With a new interior! With a new ambiance! With a new friends! With new clients too! New canteen! New street! Big street! (*o*)


Ehm, this is the first look. We just moved here like, a week. We can skate there too! LOL. And the funny thing is, it looks like an aquarium from the outside 😀 bahaaahh!

The not so important thing is, i finally have a new piggy bank! (Or should i say, SuperBank!)

You know, past two years weren’t my favorite years to be honest because of a few unspoken reasons (boo hoo!!). And by the end of 2010 i finally found some sparks, tiny sparks which i believe i could make it bigger. The thing is, let’s make past experiences as a lesson to learn 🙂


Taken from Alicemodjo Tumblr – where i put my thoughts in one line 😀

Okay now it’s time for this year’s resolutions. I’m gonna make a super duper long list! Ready, set, go!!

•- umroh, InsyaAllah

•- riding a horse

•- practicing archery

•- more swimming!

•- one apple a day

•- excercising every day (tiny activity does count!)

•- saving more

•- read read read

•- illustrate more!

•- write more!

•- have a bicycle

•- learn Islam more deeply

•- self management!


•- smile

•- positive thinking!

•- self respect

•- less ‘ojek’, more busses!

•- room = clean (like, always)

•- practising saxophone

•- loose weight maintain body weight,

•- so, i could use many cute dresses,

•- and live healthly ever after!

•- oh, find new friends, more networking

•- macrame for the sake of art

•- try performance art? who’s afraid

•- travel, be a travel’s writer

•- talk to strangers

•- bungee jumping and yell as loud as i can be

•- balancing my imagination with a touch of rational

•- avoid overthinking

•- finish my 10 yo unfinished rug!!!

•- use garbage more art-wisely

•- fashion blog, fashion illustrator

•- knowing myself, more

•- loving my family, more

•- read newspaper

•- competition-freak

•- waxing

•- scholarship again! (oh no, i aint gonna surrender)

•- broad-minded

•- more singing, more humming

•- appreciate manual, less technology

•- attend interesting events&seminar

•- have a life partner (ehem, guess this year is the IT year!) \m/ rrawkk

Seems like many, eh? Yes it does! 😀 Gee, i believe i have the guts to make it happen because like Rhonda Byrne said, ‘You become and attract what you think’ There you go. List may add themselves, though! x’D

Grip On.

Sky is the limit.

Thanks all!! with love





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